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"I have had the opportunity to originally work with BackStretch in key recruits for our business. From there, I have secured Matthew to spend weekly time on site to assist in culture development, on-boarding, and accountability strategies. His ability to align my needs as an owner to the needs of each team member is where he really shines. His impact has changed the engagement level of each and every team member and I highly recommend him for all the above. If you want to hire the best and retain them, call Matthew at BackStretch asap."

client - president, business services

why partner

with Backstretch?


  • Permanent Hiring Expertise - 1,000 + permanent hires across Canada now conducted
    • Experience counts in the world of hiring and BackStretch has it
  • Interviewing Abilities - 3,000 + interviews conducted
    • Owning the interview process and navigating this process is as much of an art as a skill
  • Proven Client Management - 200 + clients supported
    • Proven client relationships over 14 years show ability to navigate complex people issues


  • LinkedInExperts - Combined 8,000 + LinkedIn connections and Premium Recruiter accounts
    • this is where recruitment is being done and you must own this
  • Traditional Posting Access - BackStretch pays for access to 100 + job boards and growing
    • tapping into talent across many sites and job boards is key to increase selection
  • HeadHunting / Sourcing Expertise - finding and securing those who are currently employed is key
    • the best candidates are working and sought after - we find, contact, and secure them


  •  The real cost of hiring - Do you know what the real cost of hiring is per person in your organization?
    • All costs (salary and hidden) - the numbers are usually between 11% to 20% of the persons annual salary
  • Short term vs. long term - What is the impact when you settle on hiring?
    • There is no reason to take short cuts when finding and securing your team members
  • 30% to 60% less than other "recruitment firms" - working with BackStretch justifies the cost every time
    • Average cost saving to you and your company is $ 1,300 to $ 7,300 per hire

“Working with Matthew at BackStretch - I have found he brings a very experienced and well informed/educated perspective to any discussion when it comes to recruiting and building for a team.  Matthew takes his role very seriously and with a great deal of passion and enthusiasm - he never turns down a challenge or difficult task. I've seen him recruit large numbers of quality people within short amounts of time - how he does it is beyond comprehension. He has a great sense of humor and inviting personality - he has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to hiring."

client - chief technology officer, software firm

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