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We get that our Hiring Partnership may not be the ideal fit for your business, hence we are can be on call and on demand.  A great way to see how we work.

Executive search

A passion of the Founder, we bring a modern approach to an old industry by leveraging technology, head hunting, and hard work to secure the leadership team of your dreams.


This is why we started!  We own all of your hiring through world class recruitment practices like the biggest companies in the world.  Never settle again.

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To ensure your people needs are being owned - we offer HR policy review / creation, legal compliance, job description creation, harrassment seminars, engagement surveys and more.

"Too often staffing firms fail to deliver on promises or demonstrate an inability or unwillingness to properly gauge our needs. However, BackStretch works tirelessly to ensure that they deliver on its promises, and I respect and appreciate the work they did to build this relationship. I also appreciate that they recognize the ongoing competition for our business by striving to improve performance and to educate their peers on our specific needs.

I worked closely with Matthew to design the relationship and maintain the service levels over 3 years.  His personal dedication to clients, his professionalism, and the effort he makes with timely resolution of any issues, were the key factors in our organization coming back time and again to BackStretch for a significant number of permanent placement opportunities.  

Due to Matthew's efforts (and the subsequent performance of his colleagues) our business relationship with BackStretch will continue and both parties owe him a pat on the back for it!"

Client - Director of operations, Business Services


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